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Our Story Authentic Mexican Food in Ventura

Before you reach the doorway of the casa on the Boca de Rivera rancho in Zacatecas, Mexico, the family has already come to greet you with warm hugs, back slaps and smiles. As you’re ushered into the cool spaces of the two-story, rose terracotta-colored adobe, you are offered food and drink before you even arrive in the kitchen. All the family memories are made here, surrounded by laughter, voices rising and falling, and traditional sustenance – soft tortillas, savory beans, and nopales grilled to perfection.

You are a visitor only once – after that, you are family.

Our Story

And so it has been for many generations in our family, one that is steeped in the traditions of our history in Boca de Rivera. In homage to the place we hold so dearly in our hearts, we have named our restaurant after the most important days of the year celebrated there – the 9-day fiesta of El Tres de Mayo -- which honors La Santa Cruz, (the Holy Cross), which culminates on the 3rd of May. An incredibly rich mixture of Aztec and Catholic traditions, this fiesta brings thousands of people from surrounding areas to our beloved rancho to enjoy the mariachis, dance, drink, and best of all, to feast on wholesome meals not unlike what we bring you in our restaurant today.

It was from this heritage that De La Cruz Mexican Cuisine evolved. The rituals and magic of food preparation, along with our own family values of cherishing friends, family and community, translates into a work ethic that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Here at De La Cruz Mexican Cuisine we strive to bring you fresh, authentically made rancho recipes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. On any given day, you’ll find us ready to provide you with the extra care that naturally goes hand-in-hand with our family ways – reaching out to make sure you are perfectly content with your experience, and getting to know you personally. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Come on by and say hello, sit a spell and enjoy a meal. We can’t wait to receive your family into our restaurant. Buen provecho!

Our Story
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